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Employment Opportunities
This tool allows families to search for early learning and child care facilities that meet their needs and then families can directly contact the child care provider of their choice. In this same way, prospective child care professionals can also use this tool to find early learning and child care facilities who are currently seeking employment and then connect with them directly to learn more. Find providers below and review their program information. If you are interested in care or an employment opportunity that is listed with a specific provider, use the information in their profile to contact them and inquire about a space or to register on their waitlist.

To register or for more information, contact the facility by email, phone or visit their website.

Types of Care Offered and Vacancies
Infant (12 weeks to 2 years):  N/A Vacancies
Preschool (2 to 6 years):  N/A Vacancies
Nursery (2 to 6 years):  N/A Vacancies
School Age (6 to 12 years):  N/A Vacancies



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